Well, with that being said, the Dixon girls, as they are called, must be receiving a lot. Their “Make Me Prettier” event was held at the Louosity Salon, located at 1300 W. 4th St. in Little Rock, Ark. For a whole day, the salon was turned into volunteer headquarters. The Dixon girls Ashtone and Aysha took an ordinary day and made it extraordinary. How? By giving of their time and talents. The Dixon girls, as some call them (but we, here at HHM, call them the “Dixon Ladies”) gave hundreds of hours for free to contribute to making the lives of other young women better. The ladies gave of their talent by networking with some of Arkansas’ best businesswomen by asking them to join in and give of their time, talents and finances to contribute to the success of the “Make Me Prettier” event. And what happened? The Dixon Ladies got what they asked for.

To name a few of those that stepped up to volunteer, we will start with Kwasha Freeman, owner of the salon. With the support of so many sponsors, the Dixon Ladies were able to shower the young ladies who were there with lots of freebies such as free manicures, pedicures, free hair styles and free make overs. This was truly an event where the positive outcome of the event was flawless and we are not just talking about the make up. Congratulations to the Dixon Ladies for a job well done. HHM