I'm an Arkansas native, born and raised here, in Little Rock, my whole life. My closest friends say I'm going to die here because I love this town. Maybe they're right, maybe they're wrong, who knows? I am a proud graduate of Little Rock Central High Class of 1982. I am the youngest of six and a wife. I like to consider myself a positive person. My friends say I'm always looking for the good in every situation. I choose to agree. I love the art of trying to pursue the highest and best use of my talents/gifts from the Universal God. I also like to challenge others to think about the highest and best use of their gifts and talents while at the same time introducing them to some of the benefits of owning real estate. My team told me, "In this section, Ms. Courtney, we want you to write about how you would describe yourself." I said, "That's simple. I'm just a girl from the hood who got a lot of help from a lot of other people who wanted me to be successful in life."  And for that and many other things I will forever be grateful.


Celebrate Greatness

Sometimes something is so good, so great, so new, so fresh, so enlightening, so uplifting, so thought provoking, so life changing that you can not keep it to yourselves. Well, I have found something that is so all of those things that I take this opportunity to celebrate another woman in her greatness. Ms. Winfrey, or may I have permission to just say, Oprah, you are doing a great job on “Oprah’s Life Class.” Keep up the great work. PBC

P.S. To see Oprah’s life class on OWN, yes, her OWN Oprah Winfrey Network, go online to Oprah.com and click on Life Class to find the time it comes on in your area.


Free To Be Me!

Don’t box me in PLEASE! I have never had water without the wet and my roots run deep. They run so deep that they intertwine with the very air I breathe. Trying to separate them would be like trying to remove the wet from the water. My mother, the late Emma Jean Brown, planted roots of caring, compassion and thanksgiving in me by being a living example.

Some of my readers e-mail and ask me why my magazine is like a Christian magazine. Some have told me, “You may not want to write about God so much because some of your readers may be offended.” Well, for me, the God I know is Grace, Mercy, Hope, Compassion and everything I aspire to be. So asking me not to write about Grace, Mercy Compassion and Hope would be like asking me to take the wet out of water, I don’t know how to do that. Asking me to do that would be like asking me to pull up the roots of a national, treasured red wood tree in the Redwood National Park that has been there for a lifetime. If we were to remove its roots, the beautiful redwood tree, as we know it would die.

Every now and then we need to be reminded that our today is a present. Sometimes we're so busy rewinding the tapes of all the challenges we've had in the past and trying to prepare for the difficulty we think may be ahead, that we forget to celebrate our today, or, as I like to call it, our present time. Because, that's what is: a present that we are enjoying at this very moment in time. It doesn't mean that we never think about our past nor our future. It just means that something bigger than you and I will meet us wherever our travels take us. Thank you Rev. James Moore for reminding us all that no matter what we are dealing with no matter what we are going through our Universal God is there all the time. PBC