A study tells us about how long we can expect our seniors to be around to share wisdom with us. Good health practices can take us outside the box of what statistics tell us how long we can expect to live.  So, when a study from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says blacks have a track record of not living as long as whites throughout the United States, we have a choice to do our part to beat the odds of what’s expected and to do what we can to live a longer, healthier lives.


The CDC study shows that for the study population of 65 years of age:

• The healthy life expectancy was lowest among southern states.

• The people who live the longest quality of life past 65-years-old are in Hawaii (16.2 years after age 65)

• The people who live the shortest amount of time with quality of life are in Mississippi (10.8 years).

• In Arkansas, the healthy life expectancy is about 12.2 of the 18.1 years of life expectancy after 65-years old.


Looking at the big picture, the study reveals that seniors in our country live for 19 years after the age of 65 and 14 of those 19 years are quality of life.


To see the full report from the CDC, click here.